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Wellfit launches online retail portal for its membership base via its member app.

News: May 26, 2023

Wellfit, the leading health and fitness club in the country, is proud to announce its newest offering: online retail services that is now available to its entire membership network. With this new venture, Wellfit is expanding its offerings to members who are not able to physically visit a club with a retail space. “All members of Wellfit can enjoy the benefits of retail, no matter where they are” said Gareth Jones Wellfit, COO.

To make this possible, Wellfit has partnered with Qooah, a premier online retail platform that specializes in fitness and wellness products. Qooah’s CEO, Greg Boucher, has expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying that “we are thrilled to be working with Wellfit to bring our world-class products and services to their members. Our partnership will enable Wellfit to enhance their members’ experience and offer them the best in fitness and wellness products.”

Wellfit COO Gareth Jones also shared his enthusiasm about the new venture, stating that “this partnership with Qooah is a natural fit for Wellfit as we continue to expand our offerings and provide the best possible experience for our members. We believe that our members will benefit greatly from having access to Qooah’s extensive range of products and services.”

With the new online retail service, members of Wellfit will have access to a wide range of fitness and wellness products, including supplements, workout apparel, and fitness equipment. Members can easily browse and purchase products online and have them delivered directly to their doorstep. The online retail service will be available through Wellfit’s memebr application, and members can access it using their existing login credentials.

The launch of the online retail service is a significant step for Wellfit, as it expands its offerings beyond its physical clubs and provides members with convenient access to a wide range of products and services. This move is in line with Wellfit’s commitment to providing members with the best possible experience and supporting their overall health and wellness goals.

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