Kickstart your active life
with AI technology

Wellstart is our program that will give you an AI based intelligent functional screening and fitness assessment that will predetermine a suitable training program for you based on your results.

Available as part of your Wellfit membership, you will get two FREE training sessions with a coaching specialist who will guide you on your way to an active lifestyle.


    Set up for success with a fitness assessment and body analysis followed by goal setting advice from our industry leading experts.

    An exploratory session into your training needs, goal setting, and dietary habits; followed by a comprehensive fitness assessment and analysis of your results.


    Put you through your paces with a personal training session followed by workout programing tips on how to get the most out of your training at Wellfit.

    Kickstart to your training with a 50-minute session with one of our coaching specialists, and finish off with programing tips to get the most out of your training.

State of the art Japanese technology for the best members training experience

The world’s most powerful and innovative 3D body scanner

Advanced technology body composition analyzer that delivers accurate and quick assessments

Fitness Technology at Wellfit

Wellfit uses the latest technology from Styku and Shosabi for 3D health screening, fitness assessment, body composition testing, and movement screening to give you the best fitness experience through our use of AI based tools.

Book your Wellstart session today and leverage the power of artificial intelligence!

Bespoke for you

Get a personalized assessment of your training needs and dietary habits

Your own roadmap

Enjoy goal setting and training program advice from leading experts

Discover yourself

Find your fitness level with a personalized workout session

It’s yours, already

FREE as part of your gym membership

Wellstart Testimonials

Maximize your Wellfit membership

Ready anytime to help you with designing a personalized workout plan, offering advice and motivation as you go, you can book your Wellstart session throughout your membership with Wellfit, so you can get the most out of training with us.

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