Swimming for every age and every level

Our swimming academy offers a complete development pathway for swimmers of every age and every stage. Our Aquatics partners, Urban Swim Academy, offer one of the most structured and fun programs for swimmers to learn the fundamentals and stroke techniques, from beginner through to competitive swimming.

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    Swimming programs

    • Kids Learn to Swim

      Begins with the core aquatic skills and as children progress they learn drills, strokes and technique. Six levels of swimming for ages 3 and up. Ca


      Duration Cost

      Level 1

      30 minutes AED 90 per lesson

      Level 2-6

      45 minutes AED 97.5 per lesson
    • Kids Youth

      Designed for older kids ages 9-14 years who have little swim experience. This program allows them to learn the fundamentals of swimming with children in their age bracket.

      All levels

      45 minutes AED 97.5 per lesson
    • Kids Squads

      Squads prepare swimmers for short course and long course competitions. Learning lane etiquette, race techniques, speed and endurance.


      Duration Price


      75-90 minutes AED 102.50 per lesson

      Silver, Gold, Performance

      75-90 minutes AED 112.50 per lesson
    • Adults

      Our adult program is for every swimmer. From complete beginners just getting comfortable putting their face in the water right through to the performance swimmers training for a triathlon.

      Single Class

      AED 95

      4 Class Package

      AED 340

      8 Class Package

      AED 640

      Discovery Package

      AED 360

    Swimming program guide and schedule

    World-class coaches

    Our Aquatics partners, Urban Swim Academy, have a team of highly skilled and experienced coaches have been handpicked for their experience and passion towards developing young talent. Our coaches have many years’ experience coaching as well as competing at National and International Level.

    Each coach has been selected for their specific skill set in dealing with a core group of athletes. Our coaches will work with controlled group capacities ensuring that they are able to focus on each child throughout the program.

    Swimming for every age at any stage

    Our curriculum caters for all levels and focuses on continuing progress

    Our industry leading swimming programs have been created from international curriculums to provide the highest level of progression during a swimmers journey within the sport.

    Your child will train in a safe and enjoyable environment that complies with all global child safeguarding standards.


    We are surrounded by water and because of this swimming is a life skill important for everyone. Feeling safe around the water is the first step to enjoying swimming.


    The self-esteem and independence you gain from swimming helps develop a positive attitude towards yourself as well as sports and other physical activities.

    Full-body exercise

    The low impact body movements involved in swimming boosts muscle development and requires the coordination of many muscles simultaneously. Exercise in water enables balance development without strain and builds balance and coordination.


    Engaging in activities outside of school helps children learn social and emotional skills to help them learn how to navigate the world. We swim as a team and we grow together.

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