Winning at All Levels

These are years of investment in which the participant becomes solely committed to gymnastics, is focused on achieving an elite standard, and builds a close relationship with the coach.

Gymnasts consolidate and refine stress management techniques, learn to manage distractions, and gain independence in decision-making; the proper environment will foster positive body image, self-esteem, and confidence

Age group

This class is for girls from 13/14-18+ years old and boys 15-18+ years old


Gymnasts in this stage are optimizing their performance according to the goals they have set for themselves; they have well-developed abilities to perform on demand and are more results-driven than in previous stages.

Develop life skills

Gymnasts fully develop a range of mental skills (imagery, relaxation, concentration, positive self-talk, and emotional regulation) as well as self-reflexivity, emotional debriefing, and self-regulation; they are also introduced to media relations

Term based

WAG/MAG gymnasts: 5-6x/week for 4-5 hours/ session, including dance and artistic preparation

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