Packages that suit every training goal

Our trainers are not just focused on the number on the scales; they design programs that totally overhaul your mindset and give you a new approach to fitness, diet, and your own personal wellbeing. Whether it’s wanting to have more energy to keep up with your kids, or the ability to take the stairs without getting out of breath, or getting through the working day with more focus, our team of expert coaches is here to help.

Nutritional advice

Weekly body scans

Dedicated expert trainers

Netflix your personal training

Wellflex is a subscription-based package with the lowest rates for personal training and the flexibility to top up your session at the same price. The package includes personalized progress tracking through Styku 3D body scanning and an InBody analysis.

sessions per month
AI powered fitness tools
Body scans and test

State of the art Japanese technology for the best members training experience

The world’s most powerful and innovative 3D body scanner

Advanced technology body composition analyzer that delivers accurate and quick assessments

Subscription packages

  • Your dedicated personal trainer will focus on your fitness goals and provide a detailed training program and nutrition guidance


    8 session per month Cost per session

    One on one

    AED 1,840 AED 230


    AED 2,800 AED 350


    AED 3,400 AED 425

Prepaid packages

  • One on One

    With one-to-one personal training, you benefit from a training program that’s customized to your needs

    No. of sessions

    Package cost Cost per session


    AED 390 AED 390


    AED 1,800 AED 300


    AED 3,000 AED 250
  • Specialized

    Whether training for sport or rehabbing an injury, take advantage of our coaches specialized skill sets

    No. of sessions

    Package Cost per session


    AED 550 AED 550


    AED 2850 AED 475


    AED 4500 AED 375
  • Group

    Mix a personalized training plan with the accountability of training with friends and you have group PT

    No. of sessions

    Package Cost per session


    AED 550 AED 550


    AED 3000 AED 500


    AED 5000 AED 458

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