Open Weekend
at Wellfit Meydan

Explore the world of fitness at Wellfit Meydan. Experience everything our club offers: state-of-the-art-gym, fantastic group exercise classes, kids activities, free fitness assessment, sports events, and more.

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    Kids activities

    We have loads of classes and activities perfect for kids and teens

    Explore our signature classes

    Try our signature clasess: Fortify, Lift, or Ignite and feel the difference

    Free fitness assessments

    Get a personalized consultation with our personal trainers to learn more about yourself

    Sports activities

    From swimming to Athletics, to Triathlon and Football – we have it all under one roof

    Explore it all this weekend

    Explore all our fitness zones at Wellfit Meydan and join as many classes as you want to, or join the sports activities from our partners with Wellfit Academies.


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