Sign your kids up in Wellfit JVC or Meydan!

This half term break, keep the your little one fit and active with a different course to conquer each week! Our campers will learn, climb, run, and adventure — while having fun with their friends!


13-17 February with 8:30 drop-off to 14:00 pickup

Fun with

For ages 5 to 11 years old
Age groups: 5 to 7 years and 8 to 11 years

Why should kids
have all the fun?

Parents train for FREE while your kids are in camp!

Conveniently located

The winter camp is close to your home: Circle Mall in JVC or in Meydan (near the DXBike cycling track)

Daily & weekly prices

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    Early bird rate of AED550 till 7th February!

    Daily pass

    AED 200

    Weekly pass

    AED 650

    +Siblings and friends

    10% off per camper
    per package (weekly)
  • Non-members

    Early bird rate of AED550 till 7th February!

    Daily pass

    AED 250

    Weekly pass

    AED 750

    +Siblings and friends

    10% off per camper
    per package (weekly)

Mini marines

Delivering fun, fun, fun, Mini marines builds their confidence and a lifetime enthusiasm for exercise and physical activity

Pod wars

Our flash pods challenges and games, are a blend of agility, balance, coordination, and reaction time


1,600 square feet of obstacles will get them moving, thinking, and most important of all having fun


Fast paced and great for developing agility, speed of thought, Tag is where we put a premium on teamwork


Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge, we’ll help them master the “5Ds” of dodgeball


Ready, set, go, it’s not just about speed, can you connect with your team as well?

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